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Please note that the results obtained in these Press Reviews and Blogs, whilst typical, will nevertheless vary from person to person so if you have any problems with the program please watch the video on the Instructions page or contact us at


Salon Today Magazine"BodyBoutique supply salons across the country with the UK 's new leading detox inch loss wrap. Although, their products can be used within the home, many people want to be treated with a luxurious treatment and have a professional helping hand.

To offer such a specialist detox slimming treatment in a salon environment is an effective way of moving forward within the industry. The BodyBoutique Wrap Factor is an innovative and easy-to-use body wrap designed to promote instant inch loss, detoxify and firm the body.

The natural ingredients; almond oil , vitamin E, fennel, juniper berry and cypress, help to promote a healthy therapy which works in harmony with the body leaving the customer fee ling refreshed, invigorated and purified. Proven results have presented slimmer, firmer and smoother skin with an average of up to 3.3 inches from just one area of the body.

Salon Today articleBodyBoutique offer salon training in conjunction with The Carlton Institute. Salons are offered a comprehensive starter pack for as little as 695.00 P&P. The cost compared to the profits a salon call benefit from the miraculous one-hour treatment is remarkable. BodyBoutique is looking for salons to become their partners. Partners who will watch their profits increase as happy and satisfied customers experience the amazing inch-loss treatment.

The Wrap Factor is regarded as one of the top products for both salon and home use; slimming magazine awarded it as the top product receiving 9.5 out of 10. BodyBoutique offer a professional, specialist therapy which is not only beneficial as a beauty treatment but as an overall healthy therapeutic remedy, Salons, customers and 'mystery shoppers' are all very excited about BodyBoutique's fantastic inch-loss and detoxification treatments."

Salon Today - Spring 2012 Click picture left for PDF of the full article

FOREVERMISSVANITY - Join me on my adventure to discover a life of glitz and glamour

Bodyboutique of FOREVERMISSVANITYEvery now and then, we all need a body boosting fix. The Body Boutique wrap is based around ancient Egyptian methods of using clay wraps to purify the skin and reduce toxins, therefore promoting 'instant inch loss' and cleansing the body. The 'Wrap Factor' is fast, easy to use and perfect for those looking for a quick solution to the weight worries before a night out.

The process takes approximately 90 minutes, but the results can last from hours to days, as long as you stick to the up keep. I decided to the use the wrap as a quick fix before my holiday and I was rather impressed with the results.

For 26 from the BodyBoutique store, I think this home based salon treatment is at a fantastic price. You can easily fit 3-4 treatments from the one box and in a salon, this could easily cost up to 60 per treatment.

Admittedly, I was a little bit skeptical about trying this product, but it's really opened my eyes to inch loss treatments over the counter - even if it's only temporary.

Losing Inches - 3 ways - this is the hard way!A recent blog from mads-about-town compares three ways of 'thinning' and she personally prefers the Bodyboutique home wrap on an inch per basis!

She says: 'The results were positive. ED lost an inch and a half of arm and MF two off the waist. I suppose it is like slipping into Spanx for the night without the risk of detection.

Another important factor for ladies I really felt the difference, as well as the measuring tape telling me there had been a loss. Astounding as this is, it is really a short-term fix.'

You really can't beat an in-depth test like this - click on the picture right to see the full review

TATLERThe H Room is located in the heart of Reading's buzzing town centre.

It is a friendly and relaxed salon offering beauty services including Body Boutique - Body Wraps, waxing, Jessica GELeration nails H Room - Readingand eyelash extensions.

They have also recently launched a new website where you can purchase a selection of Dermalogica body products. Visit them at 14 Cross Street, Reading, RG11SN or call them on 01189 582112.

Feature in


There surely isn't a woman in the world who doesn't have a part of her body that she would like to slim or tone - most of those 'perfect' Hollywood stars rely on personal trainers, body doubles or even clever airbrushing to look as good as they do.  Not all of us have the time - or the discipline - to go the Hollywood route, so what other options are there?


These days almost everyone is aware of the need for a healthy lifestyle, but it is not so many years since fast food, smoking and even drinking vast amounts of alcohol were regarded as the norm. Even switching to a healthier lifestyle in later life doesn't always resolve problems - toxins in the bloodstream will have already bonded to fat cells and the body is unable to expel them by natural means. This kind of scenario is ideal for Wrap Factor from BodyBoutique an innovative and easy-to-use body wrap designed to promote instant inch loss, detoxify, tone and firm the body - all in only just over an hour. The treatment consists of bandages that contain a unique clay formulation, which are soaked in hot water and then wrapped around the body.

Wrap Factor works like a giant poultice, drawing out the stale toxins and impurities in fat cells, while the bandages gently compress and sculpt the body shape, for safe, effective inch loss and visibly firmer skin. During treatment the clay is absorbed into the skin and can go on working for several days - and it is essential during this period that clients drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to expel the toxins.

Results can last 6-8 weeks and the record loss from this treatment is a whopping 55cm; larger figures don't necessarily lose the most since it is the amount of toxins in the body that is the crucial element. Wrap Factor contains a fusion of natural ingredients - almond oil, vitamin E, fennel, juniper berry and cypress - that work in harmony to leave clients feeling refreshed, invigorated and purified. The treatment is also great for men and would be the ideal antidote for the results of all the beer and pizza that was undoubtedly consumed during the World Cup!

MARIE CLAYTON - Salon today Aug 2010

Daily Mail



Celebrities swear by it as a quick fix to get into that tight, red-carpet dress. But go to a professional beauty spa and you'll have to shell out as much as 100 for a professional treatment.

Femail trialAs I discovered,
  however, you can now buy a home body wrap for a fraction of the salon price. And  with the austerity measures biting and the Christmas party season upon us, the sale of home treatment packs is booming.

The clay acts like a giant poultice to draw out toxins, while the stretchy bandages compress the soft tissues, which improves the look of cellulite and results in a leaner outline (hence the inch loss). The results are supposed to last for 30 days.

After 20 minutes we are, finally, wrapped from head-to-toe like a couple of Egyptian mummies. My bandages are rather lumpy due, no doubt, to our amateurish bandaging technique.

But does it work? After 60 minutes the clay washes off easily and it's time for the moment of truth. How many inches have we lost?

The results for our upper bodies were inconclusive. To be fair, I suspect that our bandaging was not firm enough over the torso due to our lack of expertise. However, we seem to have achieved some convincing shrinkage in the crucial thigh and hip region, where the bandages were easier to apply.

Careful measuring shows that Gordana has lost 1 cm from each thigh and 2 cm from her hips a total of 4 cm while I have lost a total of 3.5cm. I suppose it could just make all the difference in being able to slip into that too-tight pair of jeans.

It's a thumbs-up from Gordana, who thought her skin was softer and her thighs felt smoother and more toned. 'I'd definitely use a home body wrap on my lower body to prepare for my summer holiday,' she says.

Amanda Lynch - Daily Mail Nov 18 2010


BodyBoutique's 60-minute detox wrap, Wrap Factor, is ideal for contouring and firming thighs, bottoms, hips, tummy and upper arms. Designed to promote instant inch loss, detoxify, tone and firm.

It works like a giant poultice, drawing out toxins and impurities that live in and around your fat cells, resulting in effective inch loss and visibly firmer and softer skin.

Wrap Factor is so successful that 'Slimming' magazine has voted it a "Slimming loves' product, beating other well-established brands.

Salon Magazine - Click on the picture for a pdf of the full article

"Unlike other 'wraps' you might have read about, the BodyBoutique Aromatherapy Detox Wrap promotes inch loss not of water, but toxins. Because of this, it's superb for cellulite and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, improving not only shape but also skin tone. The effects are immediate, measurable and lasting; for optimum results, a course of four over six to eight weeks is recommended.

Once we'd got our consultation and the ticklish business of the measuring tape out of the way (measurements are taken from ankle to shoulders to monitor subsequent inch loss), Charline started to apply the specially impregnated bandages. These are infused with Bentonite clay derived from natural volcanic ash and rich oils including fennel, juniperberry, almond, cypress, rose and Vitamin E. This mask penetrates deep into the skin, drawing toxins from fat cells and activating the body's lymphatic system to expel them.

As Charline skilfully wrapped me from top to toe I began to feel gloriously scented and cosy, getting cosier still as she settled me on the couch tucked up in insulating foil and towels. Despite feeling like a cross between the Creature from the Crypt and an aromatic Christmas turkey, I drifted off into relaxed bliss, aided by my decision to enjoy an indulgent facial as the wrap got to work!

One refreshing hour later, I was released from foil and bandages and the tape reappeared. There was a whopping 10 inches less of me all round, a welcome five of them from that pesky midriff/hip region. I could feel the difference in the fit of my clothes, the texture of my skin was glorious and that night I had my best sleep in ages."

Westside Magazine - Click on the picture for a pdf of the full article.



COSMOPOLITANWeight World FeatureCosmopolitan magazine carried a feature from WeightWorld who are active supporters of the WrapFactor home wrap retail kits - Skinny Wraps as they like to call them!


Most of the people using BodyBoutique wraps get them professionally in top salons and Spas but now the home kit is available you can take the luxury home: - click here to see how  how it works. 






In Style Magazine features BodyBoutique Wrap Factor in their Body Blitz feature:

"get tough on Wobbly Bits and give your skin a glow with these home helpers!"

Slim Down: These at-home helpers will rev up metabolism, drain fluid and shift inches

Bodyboutique Wrap Factor:
"Mummify your limbs and torso with clay soaked bandages to streamline your silhouette and detoxify your body"

In Style Magazine






Slimming Magazine gave Wrap Factor 9 out of 10 and the 'Slimming Loves' top product award of all their tested Spa Treatments.

Here is what they said:

"This was simple to use and it came with clips that made fastening the bandages really easy, although I think extra bandages would be helpful if you want to target more than one area of the body at the same time.

I lost inches and thought that the wrap was great value as it contains four treatments!

Inches lost: in on hips, 1in around waist and 1in on each thigh."

Slimming Magazine
(click on the article for a full size readable version)


Wrap Factor from BodyBoutique is an innovative and easy-to-use body wrap designed to promote instant inch loss, detoxify, tone and firm the body - all in only an hour.

Simply soak the bandages in hot water with the unique clay formulation, and then apply to the chosen area of the body. Suitable for both men and women, Wrap Factor does not rely on water loss but works like a poultice, drawing out the toxins and impurities in fat cells, while the bandages gently compress and sculpt the body shape, for safe, effective inch loss and visibly firmer skin.

Wrap Factor contains a fusion of natural ingredients - almond oil, vitamin E, fennel, juniper berry and cypress - that work in harmony to leave clients feeling refreshed, invigorated and purified. For more information email: or call 0700 340 1342.

Salon Today - Dec 2010

"IF YOUR attempts to get in shape for 2007 are having little effect, it might be a good idea to think about giving yourself a little tic with a trip to a salon for a treatment to boost not only your morale but also your weight-loss efforts.

The H:Room, in King's Walk in Reading town centre, offers the ideal treatment to help you shift those stubborn post-Christmas lumpy bits brought on by festive over-indulgence.

The Body Boutique wrap is a 60-minute treatment that uses bandages soaked in a sea-clay formula containing essential oils.

The formula is designed to draw out toxins, flush them through your lymphatic system and promote inch-loss.

Sounds incredible, doesn't it? Well, Elaine at the H:Room tells In Style that when the bandages come off, the average participant will lose up to eight inches from areas all over the body.

The treatment also helps to break down and eliminate the fatty deposits that cause cellulite, leaving clients looking slimmer and skin feeling firmer and smoother.

The greatest inch loss recorded at The H:Room is 19 inches all over but even if you don't achieve that you'll at least go away feeling rejuvenated and with a new enthusiasm for renewing your new year's weight-loss resolution.

In Style Magazine


"Instant inch loss with Body Boutique's Wrap Factor - the detox wrap.

Do you need to trim and tone ready for Spring? It takes just one hour to kick-start your inch loss safely and effectively with BodyBoutique's Wrap Factor, the 1 -hour inch loss detox home kit.

BodyBoutiques detox wrap is ideal for sculpting and firming legs, bottoms, hips and arms, perking up breasts and diminishing stretch marks.

Plus, it can aid the breakdown and elimination of fatty deposits causing cellulite. Wrap Factor also contains Body Boutique's Cellulite Factor cream designed to visibly reduce the unsightly orange peel effect caused by cellulite.

The formulation uses sea clay and the essential oils of fennel, juniper berry and cypress to promote instant inch loss and improved skin tone. Scoring 9.5/10 in a recent survey by Slimming magazine, the kit contains enough for 4 treatments, so you can repeat regularly as part of an inch reduction programme."

Girl About Town magazine

An in depth report from the H Room Salon in the Jennie Lawrence column:

"It's very easy to be seduced by products and treatments which promise to fix all our body woes, says KIM FRANCIS. But even she was impressed by the Body Boutique WrapFactor Detox Clay wrap at a Reading salon, which left her feeling noticeably slimmer

WITH the warmer weather looming, many of us will be freaking out about baring our less-than-buff bodies on the beach. But if you can't be bothered to put in the effort on the treadmill and don't want to resort to cosmetic surgery, how do you achieve a honed 'celebrity' bod?

There are all sorts of 'miracle' treatments that promise to help you shed inches, firm skin, tone-up and banish cellulite and while it is very easy to be seduced by the idea that there is a quick fix for all our body woes, how many of us believe they really work?

There is an argument that if your mind tells you you're doing yourself good, then it can be said to work. You feel good about yourself which is in turn more likely to lead to you taking better care of yourself. But do these treatments actually show tangible results?

A body wrap is an example of one such treatment. Adored by celebrities, it claims to rid the body of toxins leading to all-over inch loss. Despite her willingness to try most so-called miracle products and treatments and despite widespread celebrity endorsement, City Woman is admittedly sceptical about their effectiveness.

There are many salons that offer detox wraps, including The H: Room in Reading's King's Walk. It offers the BodyBoutique WrapFactor Detox Clay wrap that is said to be ideal for slimming and firming legs, bottoms, hips and arms and visibly reduces the effects of ageing. It also claims to perk up breasts and diminish stretch marks.

At 50 a time, it isn't cheap but it does promise immediate results on all those areas that us women are most concerned about. Wild claims indeed.

So how does it work its magic? It all sounds very plausible, with just one treatment needed to help shift inches, tighten, firm, lift and sculpt the body.

The body is wrapped in bandages soaked in a unique formula that uses sea clay, well known for its purported health benefits, distilled to its purest level to draw toxins from and around the fat cells. These are then flushed out through the body's lymphatic (natural drainage) system, promoting instant inch loss and improved skin tone.

When the bandages are removed after and hour the skin is supposed to feel tighter, smoother and softer. And contrary to City Woman's images of being wrapped in bandages soaked in clay, the whole process is actually mess-free. In fact, there's no need to shower - you simply towel yourself down and dress.

The unique formulation used in the detox wrap contains special amino acids that can promote extended inch-loss benefits. It contains aloe vera to help tighten and tone the skin as well as an essential oil called Rose Absolute, which soothes, tones, cleanses, uplifts the spirit and boosts confidence, as well as being good for thread veins. And if you think the inch loss occurs because of the elimination of water, you'd be wrong. In fact, you are encouraged to drink water afterwards to assist with the flushing out of toxins. The inches should therefore stay off providing you don't gain weight and try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime.

City Woman tested out the wrap and was pleasantly surprised by the results. Measured by the therapist before and after the treatment, I lost inches from every place, including thighs, hips, abdomen, stomach and arms as well as calves and ankles.

Dressing afterwards, jeans felt slightly looser but the biggest effect was psychological. I felt so good. I felt sleeker and more confident. It is difficult to say whether I was noticeably slimmer but I believed I was and felt streamlined. Most importantly, I felt good about myself.

A body wrap would be the perfect way for somebody to embark on a health kick. If you feel positive at the start, it gives you a great incentive to carry on. It would also be a great boost for flagging dieters and the perfect pick-me-up prior to an important event where you want to look your best."

Kim Frances - City Woman

I can't afford salon wrap treatments, but I'd love to find something similar without the hefty price tag. Any suggestions? Mia Black, Sutton

Now magazine recommends: "Wrap Factor Inch Loss by Body Boutique costs 39.99 for four treatments. It claims to promote instant inch-loss and detoxify, tone and firm your body from the comfort of your own home.

It contains bandages, cellulite cream and clay infused with vitamin E, fennel and almond oil to help draw out toxins. The bandages can be reused and replacement clay costs 37.99 for 10 further treatments."

NOW Magazine     


Salon Today Magazine recently said:

"BodyBoutique is creating a storm in salons nationwide with its fantastic inch-loss wrap."
Click on the article below to see the full review.

They went on: "The 60-minute treatment uses a sea-clay formula containing essential oils designed to draw out toxins, flush them through the lymphatic system and promote inch-loss.

The result? Slimmer, firmer and smoother skin for your customers, and all without the need for a post-treatment shower. Promising an average inch loss of up to 3.3 inches from just one area of the body, the Body Boutique salon starter kit consists of enough products for up to 30 wraps.

A league apart from water-loss wraps, clients are actively encouraged to drink 2 litres (4 pints) of water a day to help flush out toxins."

Salon today




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